Project List

2022  New Administration Building in Marktbreit, competition, 1st prize

2021  “Parking at Herrenweiher” in Dingolfing, competition in collaboration with bl9 Landscape Architects, merit award

2021  Housing Concept “Strobelhaus” in Roßhaupten, competition in collaboration with bl9 Landscape Architects, 2nd prize

2021  Reconceptualization of the Oberhessisches (Upper Hesse) Museum in Giessen, competition, runner-up

2021  Town Center and Town Hall of Neuried, competition, honorable mention (4th rank)

2021  Design Studios for the Public Technical School of Product Design in Selb, competition, 3rd prize

2020  Childcare Facility in Oberschneiding, competition, 3rd prize

2020  Childcare Facility in Hirrlingen, completion

2020  Former Barracks Area, City of Germering, competition, recognition

2019  Student Housing and Kindergarten at Langemarckplatz in Erlangen, competition, 2nd prize

2019  Children Daycare Center Stutzwinkel in Straubing, competition, 2nd prize

2018  Refurbishment and Extension of the High School (Gymnasium) in Mengen, competition, 1st prize

2018  City Hall in Mallersdorf Pfaffenberg, competition, shortlisted

2018  Ruwertal School in Waldrach,  competition, with silands Gresz + Kaiser Landscape Architects, 1st prize

2018  Living and Working at the former Götz Area in Münchberg, competition, 2nd prize

2018  Youth Center in Landsberg am Lech, competition, 1st prize

2017  Childcare Facility in Hirrlingen, competition, 1st prize

2017  Panke-School in Berlin Pankow, competition, recognition

2017  Remodeling of a historic apartment in Munich-Schwabing, Germany

2017  Day Care Center Seidl-Kreuz-Weg in Ismaning, competition, 2nd prize

2017  Oscar-Paret-School in Freiberg am Neckar, competition, recognition

2016  Retrofit and Extension of Federal and Municipal Library in Augsburg, competition, with Klein & Sänger Architects, 2nd prize

2016  Refugee first admittance facility in the landmarked Osram-Building, Munich

2016  Feasibility study Paul-Gerhardt-Allee sports facility, Munich

2015  Feasibility study Tröpferlbad (historical public bath), Munich

2015  School campus Star Czarnowo – Löcknitz – Stargrad, competition, recognition

2015  Robert-Boehringer-Gemeinschaftsschule (middle school), Winnenden, competition, 1st prize

2015  Multifamily apartment buildings Linprunstrasse, Munich, conceptual design

2014  Retrofit and energetic improvements of semi-detached residence FS in Lochhausen

2014  New city hall in Altbach, Germany, competition, recognition

2013 – 2014  Artists-in-residence, remodeling of a historic water tower for the Museum of Modern Art in Salzburg, Austria, design and construction supervision

2013  Extension of the Werdenfels Museum in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, competition, 3rd prize

2013  Fritz-Beck School in Landsberg am Lech, Germany, competition, recognition

2012 – 2013  Sports facilities Rudolf-Zorn-Strasse, Munich, Germany

2012  Feasibility study “Fire Station 6” in Munich, Germany

2011 – 2012  Loft conversion in Munich-Schwabing, Germany

2011  Redesign of the Ingolstatter Street in Manching, Germany, competition, 3rd prize

2011  Dahlmann School in Frankfurt, Germany, competition, 4th prize

2011  Konigsbrunn city center, Konigsbrunn, Germany, urban planning, competition, recognition

2011  HÄUSER Award: Distinction for “House D” in Rosshaupten, Germany

2010  Public prosecution office in Ulm, Germany, competition, 3rd prize

2010  City center Neufinsing, Germany, urban planning competition, honorable mention

2010  Senior center and urban context in Gundelsheim, Germany, competition, 2nd prize

2010  Gymnasium, parking garage and heating station in Miesbach, Germany, competition, finalist

2010  Elementary school with gymnasium, natatorium, and day care center in Frankfurt-Riedberg, Germany, competition, 2nd prize

2010  City hall and city hall surroundings, Kolbermoor, Germany, competition, 4th prize

2009  Housing at Bad Schachener Strasse (Maikäfer Estate), Munich, Germany, competition, runner-up prize

2009  Office Spaces for the Publisher ‘Personal Novel,’ design and realization

2009  Dorfmarkt + Rathausmarkt Rechberghausen, Germany, competition, 3rd prize

2009  Student residences in Augsburg, Germany, competition, 5th prize

2008  Central tax administration in Munich, Germany, architectural, urban and landscape competition, 2nd prize

2007 – 2008  Residence D in Rosshaupten, Germany, design and realization

2007  Youth hostel in Ravensburg, Germany, competition, runner-up prize

2007  Bridge in Salzburg, Austria, competition, 3rd-ranked

2006 – 2007  Residence KS in Passau, Germany, design and realization

2006 – 2007  Artproject at the Museum of Modern Art in Salzburg, artist: Eva Schlegel, realization

2006  Kreisgut Aichach, urban competition, runner-up prize

2005  Housing Pastoriusstrasse in Nürnberg, Germany, competition

2005  Housing Garmischer Strasse in Munich, Germany, expert workshop with 4 participants

2005  Reconstruction and conversion of the Luisenschool into the municipal Archive of Essen, competition, 1st runner-up prize

2004  New Porsche Museum in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, invited competition with 10 participants

2004  Office building for DLR (German Aerospace Center) in Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany, competition, finalist

2003  Refectory in Planegg-Martinsried, Germany, competition, 5th prize

2002  Workshop WA 3/WA 5 Munich Riem, suggested for realization of section WA 3

2002  Civic Center in Regensburg, Germany, competition, 4th prize

2001  Gymnasium (high school) in Dallgow-Döberitz, Germany, competition, 1st runner-up prize

2001  Housing WA 07 South Munich Theresienhöhe, 1st prize, suggested for realization

2000  Middle school in Pansdorf, Germany, competition, 1st runner-up prize

2000  Horticultural show in Riem, Germany, competition in cooperation with Dietmar Straub (landscape architect), runner-up prize

1999  Extension of the University of Applied Sciences in Augsburg, Germany, competition, finalist

1999  Felsengarten – Housing in Weissenfels, Germany, Europan 5, international competition, 1st prize

1998  Reconstruction and conversion of “Cafe Winkler“ into the Museum of Modern Art, Mönchsberg, Salzburg, international competition, 1st prize

1998 – 2006  Museum of Modern Art in Salzburg, design and realization