Perspektive1-Wettbewerb-Bildungscampus-Loecknitz-Anerkennung-2016-© Friedrich-Poerschke-Zwink-Architekten

Lageplan-Wettbewerb-Bildungscampus-Loecknitz-Anerkennung-2016-© Friedrich-Poerschke-Zwink-Architekten.jpg

Detail-Wettbewerb-Bildungscampus-Loecknitz-Anerkennung-2016-© Friedrich-Poerschke-Zwink-Architekten

Modell-Wettbewerb-Bildungscampus-Loecknitz-Anerkennung-2016-© Friedrich-Poerschke-Zwink-Architekten

Education Campus Stare Czarnowo – Löcknitz – Stargard
competition 2016, runner up prize
useable area: 2700 m2
cubature: 17500 m3
client: Gemeinde Löcknitz

| Networking |  The new high school building on the education campus in Stare Czarnowo – Löcknitz – Stargard weaves the existing and new buildings together into an entity that is more than the sum of its parts. The new structure of this regional school and the new organization of the other day care and school uses on the education campus Löcknitz provide the opportunity to rethink the landscape architecture as part of the entire context and to spatially express the ideas of integration, communication, and exchange. Placing the school south of the existing Randow-Schule allows to frame a central open space which can become, as a green school campus, a meeting point for visitors of all adjacent education facilities.