Landmarked Osram-Building, south facade

Corridor with clusters, typical floor

Arriving | The historic landmark of the former OSRAM Headquarter has been retrofitted into a temporary home for 500 refugees. All added building elements – partly built with donated materials – had to be removable after a two-year time period. The former open-plan office floors have been equipped with 1,6 meter tall clusters to house two to three occupants, and the existing sanitation has been supplemented with showers, washstands, and washing machines. A canteen provides food for all occupants. The adjacent former research building offers, aside from large bedrooms, smaller family units. The first floor includes offices and education facilities.

Project start 09/2015, Completion 04/2016

Photos: Michael Heinrich, Munich

Grossraumbuero leer vor Baumassnahme

Empty open-plan office prior to project start

Geschosszugang mit Liftanlage

Floor access with elevators